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Game Rules Varsity

17 minute periods

Ice cuts between the 2nd and 3rd period

5 goal running clock in the 3rd period

If there is a 5 goal margin heading into the 3rd period no ice cuts.

Stop clock resumes with any goal differential under 5

No double jeopardy for game misconducts with the exception of playoff games. Should a player receive a game misconduct he must serve the game in the next playoff SHL game.

3 on 3 overtime to decide tied games. Goalies switch sides, if a game is still tied after this OT then a sudden death shoot out takes place, goalies go back to their 1st period side. No player can shoot twice until all players have shot. Overtime lasts 5 minutes.

Players with carry over penalties are not allowed to shoot.

9 up no down rule applies

No tier 1 players allowed

Tier 2 players must play in 60% of all league games.

Goals scored in OT will count as a goal scored for stats purposes.

All other USA rules apply.

No handshakes after games only after completion of the series


Playoff Rules-Varsity

Sudden death OT to decided tie games. Goalies switch to the long change in first OT.

OT periods are 10 minutes.

First 10 minutes 5 on 5

Remaining periods 10 minutes 3 on 3 switch ends every 10 minutes

Ice cuts when possible.

JV can play up if they have eligibility left but games count against there overall game total.

If a player receives a game misconduct in the playoffs that player must serve a SHL playoff game.

Handshakes only after the completion of the series.



Game Rules Junior Varsity

15 Minute periods

No ice cuts

No double jeopardy for game misconducts, exception is playoffs. Should a player receive a game misconduct he must serve the next SHL playoff game.

3 man shoot out to decide tied games, Goalies do not switch sides

Sudden death shoot out to decide games tied after 3 man shoot out

All players must be used in a shoot out before you can use a player for the second time

Players that have carry over penalties MAY NOT shoot in the shoot out.

10 up only no  Varsity player down.

2:00  Penalties 

Major Penalties are 5:00

All other USA rules are in effect.

2 man ref crew

No Tier 1 Players allowed

Teams playing with Illegal players forfeit any games the player plays in and further action maybe taken.


Playoff rules-JV

Sudden death  3 on 3 play decides playoff games

Goalies change ends to far change first OT.

OT periods are 10 minute

No Varsity players may come down to play

2 man ref crew

Any double rostered player from Tier 2 teams must play in 60% of all league games.

If a team is found to play with and illegal player the team forfeits the game and further action maybe taken by R&E.

Handshakes only after the series completion.


Regular Season Tie Breakers

1. Head to Head

2. 3 teams tied- Points earned between the teams, once that creates a separation then head to head. If points earned between the 3 teams is tied the first tie breaker is wins between the teams, than again head to head between the two left over teams.

3. More than 3 teams follow the rules for 3 teams.