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Meet the Voice of The SHL: Max Anderson

By Angie O'Brien, 01/19/18, 8:15PM CST



Before coming to the SHL Network last October, Max Anderson had never called a hockey game before. He had never played either but grew up in a hockey family so the knowledge was there and it showed. 

“I went into it thinking hockey was going to be the hardest (sport to broadcast),” Anderson said. “But it turns out it’s the one I like the best.”

Anderson’s uncle is a hockey coach and his friends all played so he was always around the sport and he got into broadcasting after high school while he attended Indiana University. 

“I just loved it,” he said. “I was doing live broadcasts of Indiana basketball games, football games, baseball games and it took me to a lot of cool places and I met a lot of really cool people.”

Anderson said this is the best way he can stay close to sports without playing and while he doesn’t do it full-time he continues to broadcast for fun and to feed his passion. He also prefers to stick with high school sports instead of going pro saying, 

“There’s so much to offer at the high-school level that’s under-served in a media perspective and I enjoy doing it.”

Anderson also coaches high school football at Evanston. Fortunately, SHL Games of the Week fall on weekends which help him plan his schedule so he coaches football during the week and calls hockey games on weekends on top of a full-time job making him one busy broadcaster.